A Failure?

The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked. Proverbs 24:16 Have you ever wished to go back and redo your past? Would you live a few years over, and hope to make better decisions? Do you carry around guilt or shame, cowering … Continue reading A Failure?



Broken peices. Beautiful bits of shattered glass. Varied sizes and colors. Who has use for such random shards? The average person might use the beautiful glass when it's whole , but goodness - it's broken now. So they leave it laying where it breaks. Anyhow, they might get cut on its sharp edges. The glittering, … Continue reading Kaleidoscope

If You Knew

It was the shy girl that you laughed at; she grew up in an abusive home.  It was the boy you called proud -he's actually insecure.  The angry driver that cut you off this morning?  She just got a divorce.  The girl crying in the store... Her mother just got diagnosed with cancer.  The friend you … Continue reading If You Knew


10 Things I Learned on my First Short-Term Mission Trip

I want to share with you a few things that I learned on my first short term mission trip to a refugee camp last spring. It was a life changing experience; It made me reevaluate my life, and think about what was truly important. Team work This probably sounds pretty obvious, but for someone who … Continue reading 10 Things I Learned on my First Short-Term Mission Trip


Swept Away

Jesus, I am swept away by your love. I have never known a sweeter romance. Your compassion, understanding, and gentleness has won me over. I am yours forever. My heart swells with love as I think of all the things you have done for me; I wouldn't even know where to begin! The way you … Continue reading Swept Away


Friendship is a Gift

I  am not the world's best-ever friend... I forget to text, sometimes take to long to email back, and occasionally even forget birthdays (if I have forgotten yours, my sincerest apologies!) But I love my friends. I truly believe friendship is a gift, and a godly friend will be worth their weight in gold. Having … Continue reading Friendship is a Gift


10 Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer this Year

I thought this was supposed to be fun. I mumbled to myself as I attempted to manuever a shopping cart through the crowded aisles of Wal-Mart. I had been looking forward to Christmas shopping, but so many people... all in a hurry... It was more confusing and stressful than fun! I still think that even if … Continue reading 10 Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer this Year