Burnt Out

Do you feel like giving up? Tired and burnt out? It is a normal part of life to face these emotions. Life can be hard and disappointing, but where do we turn when we face difficulties? I just want to share a few verses with you that are encouraging to me. And remember - God … Continue reading Burnt Out


So Close, Yet So Far Away

Reaching out to those closest to us is sometimes the hardest. Our hearts bleed for family that has yet to accept the love of God, or deliberately walk away from anything 'Christian'. Uninterested, and even disgusted. “Christians are hypocrites, a godly life is boring and not fulfilling, and anyway, I'm not a bad person,” they … Continue reading So Close, Yet So Far Away

Identity in Christ

I stared at the person in the mirror, almost blankly, then looked back at the sheet in my hand. On one side, I had scribbled a few words that I felt described part of me, then a black line separated the other half, where a few more adjectives had been written. The set of words … Continue reading Identity in Christ


Whiter Than Snow

Young ladies, we often see sexual sin as a 'guy' problem, which leads to there being little discussion with girls about purity in their lives. Lots of embarrassment comes along with this taboo topic, while girls continue to struggle alone because they are afraid people will think they are 'weird'. I am hoping to break … Continue reading Whiter Than Snow


Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Me, Wow, It has been awhile, hasn't it? Life changes. I am the person you never imagined you would be six years ago... So different, yet still, so many similarities to the young teen girl I left so long ago. You know, I remember when you were just 15 years old. And I … Continue reading Letter To My Younger Self