Christianity Doesn’t Work

No. Christianity doesn't work. Not when you live in half surrender, denying the Lord full reign in your life. When you minister on Sunday, living a selfish life the rest of the week. It never works when you confess some sin, keeping 'pet sins' hidden away, in the dark recesses of your heart. How do you … Continue reading Christianity Doesn’t Work


The Truth About Surrender

I sat on my bed, with my head bowed, although my eyes were open. Staring absentmindedly at my brown bedspread, I prayed. Ok, God. I surrender this to you. Take it. Do whatever you want with it. I want Your will, not my own. So yea... You can have it. I wouldn't say I felt … Continue reading The Truth About Surrender

Identity in Christ

I stared at the person in the mirror, almost blankly, then looked back at the sheet in my hand. On one side, I had scribbled a few words that I felt described part of me, then a black line separated the other half, where a few more adjectives had been written. The set of words … Continue reading Identity in Christ


The Valley

He leadeth me in paths of righteousness, for his name's sake... and then I find myself troubled by calamity, walking in the shadow of death. How wide is this path in this valley? No friends or comforts can be brought here. In this valley, we are stripped of every earthly thing we ever relied on … Continue reading The Valley