At thirteen years of age, I sat down with my laptop, my imagination, a tiny contact list,  and a great desire. A desire to reach other young girls my age and encourage them to serve Jesus. So I started a small ‘magazine’ that consisted of about 10 pages with stories printed in size 14 font , and sent to about 12 or 13 of my friends. 

What I lacked – besides basic graphic design capabilities  was life experience, resources, and an adult perspective. However, that fire that burned at 13 to reach girls still burns today. 

So my little magazine grew and continued for years. And I loved it! It was such a great way to connect with girls all across the world, and to get input from them. It was such challenge to my own heart!

But as life changed and I grew up, I realized it was time to stop. As much as I hated to quit, the last issue of my little publication went out in 2015. However, my desire to reach girls never died, and now, I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to spread encouragement and reach as many, or more, than I ever have before.

So a little bit about myself…. Well, my name is Madison DeMala, and I am 21 years old. I have lived in Kentucky all of my life (it’s a beautiful state, by the way), but recently moved to Virginia.  I have 6 siblings; a married sister who has two beautiful boys, and five younger siblings. ( four brothers and a little sister 😉 My parents are precious to me – they are the ones who have stuck with me through the thick and thin and still love me !! 😉 (love you mom and dad!!)

A few random facts about me….

  • I love chocolate. (who doesn’t!??)
  • I am  gluten intolerant and have been eating that way for over six years now 😉
  • Music is a passion… I love to sing and play piano . That doesn’t mean I am good at it !!
  • One of my dreams is to work in a clinic in a third world country as a nurse. (medical things has fascinated me since I was a child!
  • I spent a month in Greece working at a refugee camp ( another dream – I hope to go back one day! )
  • I used to own a pet rat named Lolli. (I also had a chincilla for awhile )
  • I am horrible at sports
  • When I was learning to drive, I got the brake and the gas pedal mixed up (bad idea) and ran into a concrete post. Not my proudest moment.
  • Tomatoes are my most hated food
  • I currently work at an ice cream parlor
  • I am not really short, not really tall… I’m 5’4″
  • I like to study
  • Night owl here!
  • Coffee ❤
  • I love wearing neutral colors… black, gray, brown…
  •  I am pretty sure I need more sleep than most people
  • and I could tell you lots of other weird, random things but maybe I should stop here 😉

To God be the glory !