You Are Someone’s Role Model

I don’t always know what to say. Actually, more often then not, I struggle to find words (or at least the most fitting, or ‘right’ words.) I don’t know the long, theological answers to questions they ask.
I struggle and fail… I get discouraged and stressed out.
And I know they are watching. It is a scary place to be, but I am pretty sure that you in this same place .
You are somebody’s role model, someone is looking to you for answers, to help them figure out life. They watch you to see what a real Christian looks like, and they want you to love them, no matter how they act. they might even pull a few stunts and act out to see if you will love them, ‘no matter what’.
It is tough//
sometimes I want to hide from the responsibility.
But then I remember what a beautiful thing it is to be able to spread Jesus, through this imperfect human. to a lot of hungry little souls. hungry for love, truth, and acceptance. Sometimes they don’t respond right away; they might push you away. They don’t want you in their life for whatever reason. Try to understand them; it is hard to be vulnerable.
with gentle persistence, and the Spirit of Christ, love will win these little ones.
Use your position as a role model to the ones in your life. And while we are imperfect, stammering and stuttering humans, God’s love is what they need. Allow them to see that; it will outshine your imperfections.
Don’t run and hide from this responsibility; its hard, I know. but maybe you can be the one to show them Jesus.

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