A Failure?

The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked. Proverbs 24:16
Have you ever wished to go back and redo your past? Would you live a few years over, and hope to make better decisions? Do you carry around guilt or shame, cowering in the shadow of your secrets and past?
I used to wish I could undo my faults, erase my mistakes. You know, it was partly pride. It is humiliating to have people find out where our weaknesses are. I wanted to hide them, so people would think I was the ‘model’ Christian teen, exemplary.
Every time I fall, I am faced with a decision – stay down, or get up. And every time I’ve risen from the ashes of my mistakes, God has created something marvelous.
I am not advocating reckless living. But it is true that we have all sinned, all made mistakes. If you had to relive your life, you would find that you could not live it without imperfections. Falling or making mistakes is inevitable; as long as you are alive, you will experience it. But it is imperative that we get back up. Reach out to God for forgiveness. Forgiveness is a precious quality of God, and He will be faithful. He doesn’t want His children to wallow in self pity, as they brood on their failures.
God forgives us.  He takes even our worst failures and mistakes and blots them out. It’s true that often our actions bring consequences, but that doesn’t mean God is not good and loving. Actually, it’s the opposite. In admitting our failure, and allowing others to help us, we experience humility. Learning from our past mistakes, we can avoid making the same (and keep others from making them) in the future. In the times we hit rock bottom or walk the darkest valleys, we find God is even there.

One thought on “A Failure?

  1. Miller Family says:

    If we were saved by our works it would be very important that we never stumble. Since we are saved by grace, through faith, we can stumble and our loving Father smiles and picks us up again and the relationship only grows closer and stronger!


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