Worship While Waiting

So I wondered what to do next. No doors seemed to be opening, and standing in the hallway (so to speak) was getting pretty boring. I mean, I was pounding on these doors, and hollering for them to open up, and did they? Nope. And I was stuck waiting.

Besides being bored and frustrated, I was starting feel kind of jealous. I certainly wasn’t the only one in the hallway, but almost everyone else was walking through doors.



Mission  field




It is like being at a restaurant, and you’ve been waiting for your food for an hour. And the guy that just walks in gets served before you. Baffling, isn’t it? And I wasn’t even asking for all of the doors to open. . I just wanted one. And by now, I wasn’t even going to be picky.

Waiting. Most of us don’t like it. With uncertainty and fear of the future looming in front of us, we get overwhelmed and forget that waiting can be a blessed time.


Waiting is beautiful.

The hallway became a type of altar and sanctuary for me. Some of my dreams died there, but many others came to life. Tears mixed with joy. The complete surrender of my own desire.  ‘My’ doors stayed shut, but I was able to accept and walk through the other, open doors. I learned that God always hears us, but doesn’t always give us what we ask for; He is a good Father, and knows what is best for His children.

And so as I stood in the hallway, people whizzing by me, rushing in and out of doors, I learned to lift up my hands and worship Him. Worship while waiting.


15 thoughts on “Worship While Waiting

  1. Krista Zimmerman says:

    I waited. Staring at the closed doors. Begging God to open the doors I ‘wanted’ to walk through. Nothing happened. Then all of a sudden a door opens, but I didn’t see it. My back was turned to it…while I stared at the closed door in front of me. I asked God for direction. He turned me around, and showed me the door He opened. It wasn’t what I chose. No, it was better than that. It was what He chose for me!
    Thanks for sharing this! It is such an encouragement to me!

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    1. Madison DeMala says:

      Yes!! Isn’t that what we do so often? Miss the opportunities He has for us, because we are looking at what we want, instead of seeking His direction …. thanks so much for sharing, Krista! So true !


  2. Heaven Aholelei says:

    How well I know that feeling! The frustration, boredom, and sometimes even guilt as everyone else seems to be “rushing in and out of doors.”
    This is something God continues to teach me, to WORSHIP right where He has put me.
    This is beautiful. ❤ Thanks for writing!


  3. Miller Family says:

    True, Christ Centered, waiting, is True worship.
    This is why you are starting to fly like an Eagle. Maybe a young one, but, soaring non the less 🙂
    “Maybe, just maybe, as we understand “true living” we will change our perspective on “waiting”
    Freeman Miller


  4. Samantha Richards says:

    This is something I am constantly having to surrender to Him, letting go of my expectations and embracing my reality. Thank you for such an encouraging post!

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