Broken peices.

Beautiful bits of shattered glass.

Varied sizes and colors.

Who has use for such random shards?

The average person might use the beautiful glass when it’s whole , but goodness – it’s broken now. So they leave it laying where it breaks. Anyhow, they might get cut on its sharp edges.

The glittering, cracked crystal catches the eye of Someone; Someone who has a knack for rearranging broken things into something beautiful. But this is the peculiar part – He turns it into something more than a shiny mosaic. He takes the fragments and uses them to reflect Someone even more beautiful than themselves.

Alone, the pieces are small and lack variety. Their jagged edges are sharp and cut deeply. But when He puts a whole cluster of them together , they are marvelous … The sharp edges fit perfectly together. His love shines through the multicolored  conglomeration, creating a wondrous display for the world looking on. They become a kaleidoscope, allowing His glory to shine through their brokenness, and reflecting His light to the onlooker.

No matter how often the peices of the kaleidosocope are shaken and changed, the light of Christ is still reflected through their cracks. The patterns change, but the constant is Christ. Always shining, always beautiful, always holding them together.

His kaleidoscope.


5 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. Krista Zimmerman says:

    A beautiful reminder of what God has teaching and showing me! We are broken for a purpose. Broken, so His light can be seen shining through us! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Jessica Horner says:

    This is such an amazing illustration—Thank you, Maddy.
    {may our broken pieces become His beautiful kaleidoscope, Him illuminated through our fragments}


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