No Place Like Home

There is no place like home. I like to go new places, see new people, and hang out with friends. But by the end of a week or two, I am so (so) ready for home. There is a few reasons for this... When I am away from home, I miss my hazelnut coffee creamer, … Continue reading No Place Like Home



Broken peices. Beautiful bits of shattered glass. Varied sizes and colors. Who has use for such random shards? The average person might use the beautiful glass when it's whole , but goodness - it's broken now. So they leave it laying where it breaks. Anyhow, they might get cut on its sharp edges. The glittering, … Continue reading Kaleidoscope

If You Knew

It was the shy girl that you laughed at; she grew up in an abusive home.  It was the boy you called proud -he's actually insecure.  The angry driver that cut you off this morning?  She just got a divorce.  The girl crying in the store... Her mother just got diagnosed with cancer.  The friend you … Continue reading If You Knew