Everyone is searching.

Searching for direction, for meaning. And sometimes we find it,but only for a brief season. And when that season ends, we are searching again.

Why are we here? What should we do with our life? Where do we find fulfillment and joy?

Where are the answers to all humanity’s starving desire? We devour whatever appetizing morsel we can get our hands on to quench this ravenous hunger inside that is begging to know, to find answers. He is quieted, but only for a while.

Is there joy in between the season of direction? Is there peace in the times of questioning, when we are famished and grasping for hope? Between bouts of fulfillment?

God is the source of joy, reason for our existence, mainstay of our fulfillment. While an experience may put us up on a mountaintop, true satisfaction comes from having a life in full surrender to God.So in the valley, when questions torment us, direction eludes us, and uncertainty prevails, we don’t have to flounder and stumble. For Christ, and His glory we walk through, unsure of our destination, but sure of His unseen hand guiding us the whole way.

As it turns out,fulfillment is found  not in what we do, but Who do it for. For this reason, the most mundane task, most backbreaking ministry, darkest valley, and uncertain times of waiting can be full of joy.

The masses can stop searching. They need to run into God. Not just have a casual encounter; bumping into Him here and there. They must run wide open into His open arms. All their longings, desires, and dreams are fulfilled here.

Surprisingly, it is not a *what* that we are searching for, but a Who.





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