So Close, Yet So Far Away

Reaching out to those closest to us is sometimes the hardest. Our hearts bleed for family that has yet to accept the love of God, or deliberately walk away from anything ‘Christian’. Uninterested, and even disgusted.

“Christians are hypocrites, a godly life is boring and not fulfilling, and anyway, I’m not a bad person,” they say.

Or maybe it is watching them fight a battle of depression, discouragement, or give up.

How can we minister to them? We feel guilty; our lives haven’t always been perfect. Talking doesn’t work; it is always in one ear and out the other. Attempts at deep conversations seem to just set them firmer in their ways. Ignoring it doesn’t seem right either.

They are so close. Maybe it is a sibling or parent, an extended relative or a friend.

If anyone could reach them, we reason, it should be me. So close.

Yet we are somehow disabled, crippled, and unable to reach them. They have seen us at our worst, they know what we think and how we feel. They don’t want to hear anymore of what we have to say. We do our best to show them love; but our efforts are often ignored or unwanted. Maybe they just don’t know how to relate to our desire to be close and speak into their lives.

We are fighting a spiritual battle; one we have to fight with spiritual weapons. Prayer is a powerful tool – and sometimes the only one we can use. When we can no longer speak into a life, we can always pray and fast for them… And pray that someone else can reach them, and that our life would be glorifying to God and can be a witness for Him.

Praying can seem so small; but the truth is that it can work miracles. The mountains it can move may be enough to shake their world, causing them to rethink their choices.

Showing them consistent love and care, a godly testimony, and a heart for God can do more than words could ever say. It is easy to talk it, but another thing to walk it. And sometimes what they need to see is a consistent life.

So close, maybe even living with us every day.

Yet so far away; having a close relationship is difficult, perhaps even impossible. Who will touch their hearts?

Don’t give up! If you have a relative or friend that you can’t seem to reach out to, continue to pray that God will send something in their life that will help them to see their need of Him.


4 thoughts on “So Close, Yet So Far Away

  1. Esther Enns says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! That is very timely for me! We just had a week of revival meetings and we as young people are so burdened for those amongst us that are so miserable under the bondage of sin. I don’t ever want to stop praying because it seems like nothing is happening. Also, yes let’s live the life. We don’t want to be the reason someone thinks Christians are hypocrites. Prayer is definatly our most powerful weapon against Satan!


  2. Hannah Clark says:

    Madison, this is inspiring! How often I become discouraged when I see nothing happening in those dear peoples in my life.. and I slack in the most powerful weapon — Prayer! I needed this! Keep writing… you are an inspiration to me!


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