Reflect the Son

I can look out of my bedroom window and see the beautiful night sky … the stars are bright, and the moon is shining . The world is peaceful and sleeping (well most of it anyway ;)) 

And thinking about the moon, and how it reflects the sun, I am pondering how our lives are supposed to mirror the Son. 

Night after night , the moon faithfully shines with the light it receives from the sun. It never stops shining or dies because it cannot shine on its own, or because it is reflecting the glory of another. But gladly, every night, it illuminates our world bathing it in soft light. 

Should we grow weary or give up because we don’t get praise or position in the church? Or we people don’t notice our talents or abilities ? No , but we should keep on doing our best. Showing forth the glory of the Lord the best we can. And in humility, not expecting praise for ourselves. 

Be the moon / reflect the Son 


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