Once upon a time 

Once upon a time

There was a girl

Who bounced along

With golden curls

She fell down,

But stood back up.

Until one day

It broke her cup.


The contents spilled

All over the ground

It was dreams and hopes

Felt like she drowned.

She watched it pool

And soak the dirt

Never realized that

Life could be cruel.


The older she got,

The wiser she became.

Dreams, she said

Are never the same.

You plan and you think

Little girl dreams

But the older you get

They rip at the seams.


The broken cup

Lay lying still

Years later,

Dirt filled.

Who would care

For these ugly shards?

Shattered, dirty,

Broken and scarred?


Alone, she held

A single fragment

Of the life

Shed imagined.

Clutched it tightly,

Watched it bleed

Held too long –

It cut her deeply.


Who’s to fix

The little cup

That once held

all the she Dreamed of?

It took so long

She couldn’t see

The master healer,

Who heals everything.


Put back together

Sealed with gold

Immaculate, perfect,

Better than the old.

Cup overflowing,

Again with dreams

But not for herself,

But others well-being.


The scars all heal,

His hand guides her on

And She still runs

Into the sun.

And now when she falls

Instead of waiting there

She calls God

Immediately with prayer.


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