10 Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer this Year

I thought this was supposed to be fun. I mumbled to myself as I attempted to manuever a shopping cart through the crowded aisles of Wal-Mart. I had been looking forward to Christmas shopping, but so many people… all in a hurry… It was more confusing and stressful than fun!


I still think that even if shopping can get a little crazy, Christmas is a great time for Christians, because for one, we are remembering the time our Saviour was born. But also, so many other people are open to talking about Jesus, when before they would have been offended.

How can we take the opportunity that Christmas brings us to spread the Gospel, and show love?

(Disclaimer – I have not done all these things… this is basically like my public brainstorming place. )

  1. Smile

  2. Pay for someone’s coffee, gas, meal, etc.

  3. Share the story of Jesus’ birth in some fashion (even if it is only briefly at the checkout counter)

  4. Visit the widows and fatherless over this time

  5. Donate to someone in need

  6. Shovel snow for a neighbor (if there is no snow, offer to do other errands, so they don’t have to go out in the cold)

  7. Donate blood

  8. Text Bible verses and an encouraging word to a struggling friend or relative

  9. Go caroling

  10. Leave an anonymous gift for someone

Like I said, I have totally not done all these things… especially the donating blood! But that is something I would love to do sometime if I could get past the whole scared factor !

What are some of your ideas ? How can we keep a Christ centered, joyful spirit this holiday season?


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