** I have something sort of special for today… it is an article my mom wrote awhile back addressing the issue of modesty, and its importance! Hope you enjoy!!


Hello Dear Sisters! I want to introduce myself… I’m Mendy, Madison’s mom. I’d like to share a little bit of my heart on this issue of modesty.

It really is a tough issue in our day! But Praise God! He gives his daughters wisdom and grace to obey Him, even in a culture that pulls at us so hard in the opposite direction.

“According as His divine power hath given unto us ALL things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that hat called us to glory and virtue: Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2 Peter 1:3-4


Sisters, we don’t have to be swayed by the world’s immodest fashions. At the same time, we have liberty in Christ to seek God about how he’d have us to dress for His glory. (if we are married, of course, we dress in a way that pleases our husbands if it’s not contrary to God’s standard). And God loves us and He created each of us different. This requires us (with our husbands or fathers) to seek God and to really catch the spirit of modesty. God’s heart would be for his daughters to conceal, not reveal, their forms.


And why conceal our forms? If we are a Christian, our bodies are the temples of God, and our outward appearance should reflect that we are different from the world. We have the Holy Spirit living inside… would He want to dwell in a body that is scantily dressed, causing men to sin by lusting after us? NO! We must take this responsibility seriously, sisters! It is well known that men are visual; meaning they are visually stimulated by what they see. It can trigger lustful thoughts for them if we are not modestly dressed. We are to “be our brother’s keeper” in a sense; If we profess to be godly, we must walk as Jesus walked; not putting temptation or stumbling block in another’s path.


I also just want to mention that modesty and a modest spirit is not only about clothing…. it’s also attitude. Someone can be completely covered in loose clothing but have a provocative spirit. A godly woman should be holy in her behavior, sober, chaste, and good with a meek and quiet (gentle, calm) spirit. If she is married, she is to be a keeper at home, loving her husband and children.


Have you ever noticed, in Matthew 5:28, Jesus says, “that whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery WITH her, in his heart” ? A man absolutely has control over his thoughts and HE is responsible for those things. However, if we are provoking lustful thoughts by either behavior or attire, then we are not innocent. He is committing adultery WITH us! That’s a frightful thought! Let us be innocent of causing someone else to sin. Let us make it easier for our brothers. Also, church should be a peaceful and modest place where our brothers can worship without constant battling in their minds to stay pure. They have to do enough of that in this world! Let’s help them by dressing in a way that they can focus on Christ and also so that they can have a decent conversation with us without struggling not to look at certain parts of our bodies!


As much as men are visual and struggle to keep these temptations at bay (if they are a Christian), women also have to keep the temptation at bay, the desire to be looked at and objectified in this way.


Dear sisters, we are more valuable than that! Having a man to desire your body, or accentuating parts of your body to draw attention, WILL NOT in any way fulfill you or make you feel loved or valuable! Actually, it is quite the opposite! Don’t fall for the devil’s trap. It has a de-valuing affect. YOU are far more than your body and outward appearance! If we conceal our bodies, our hearts will shine out! You are Jesus’ priceless treasure – bought with a price – eternally valuable and precious.


God bless you all!


3 thoughts on “Modesty

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    I’m reminded of the testimony of a young woman who had heard this same direction from her pastor. She was afraid that her natural curves would cause others to lust, so she developed anorexia in an attempt to control her figure and therefore cause men to lust less over her even as she wore the most modest clothing she could find.
    I’m reminded of the woman who dresses herself and her daughters in layers – long-sleeve shirts, floor-length dresses, and of course, head coverings (per 1 Corinthians 11) that she makes herself so that they match her exacting standards for modesty that covers every inch of her skin – revealing only her face and hands; her sons are allowed to wear t-shirts and coveralls.
    I’m reminded of every church swimming outing where the girls are ordered to cover up their modest one-pieces with a t-shirt while the boys go shirtless.
    I’m reminded of each and every story of women in the middle east whose hijabs and burkas stir up lust even though they cover absolutely everything (and then some.) Modesty has morphed into this un-Biblical monster that’s used to control and shame women. Perhaps it’s long past time to re-think the teaching before it does even more damage.


    1. Radiant Daughters says:

      Dear Jamie,
      Thank you for sharing your concern! I also share the same concern. I do *not* believe that a woman’s body or figure is something to be ashamed of…However I also don’t believe it is something to be exposed or flaunted. I am sure we can both agree that the sight of a scantily clad, partially exposed woman would be a stumbling block to a man… So why don’t we do our part and keep ourselves covered?
      I also would have quite a few things to say to the men, but since this is a site directed towards young women, I refrained…Men have their responsibility, too. (in modesty, in self control, and in setting the standards for the ladies. Like you mentioned the shirtless men and covered women… You are right; that is a double standard that isn’t acceptable!)
      A woman has curves, they are God given. And some women have bigger curves than others; again, that is given by God! It is nearly impossible to hide the fact that we are women – I am not advocating that we should wear potato sacks in an attempt to cover what God gave. But we also don’t need to wear the tightest t shirts, shortest shorts, do we? . Men need to control their thoughts and eyes too. (and men, contrary to popular thinking, also need to dress modestly and in a way that doesn’t flaunt their physique. )
      I agree with you – there are cultures where this teaching is distorted and used to shame women and make them feel ‘dirty’. that is not the heart of God.
      Both men and women have a responsibility in keeping this God given gift of our bodies…
      Mini skirts, cleavage showing, ‘sexy’ outfits, crop tops,… These things are not appropriate for the Christian girl. Instead, modest clothing that draws less attention to our bodies, and more attention can be spent on Christ.
      I do hope you can hear my heart; My desire is not to cause any woman or girl to feel shame but to see their part in being our brother’s keeper in this area.


  2. Esther Enns says:

    Thank you for sharing, Mandy and Madison! This is a topic that is very important to me! I needed the good reminder! The comments were also thought provoking. I really believe that we as girls need to do our part, but I also know (being a girl, I know quite well) that the men have to play their part in not causing the girls to stumble. But since this blog is directed at girls, I won’t elaborate on that. Girls, let’s take this article to heart and do our level best to be “little Christ” in everything we do!

    All for Jesus,


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