I didn’t realize how hard this was going to be.

So we are moving… I have grown up in Kentucky, and love the beautiful state. But it seems like now it is time to move on. God’s hand has been guiding us the past two years through multiple mountaintops and valleys, and the next step looks like leaving my home state.

So I guess we will find our self nestled between mountain ranges and tucked in with snow before the year is over!

The hardest thing is not leaving my state, but my family. I have a beautiful grandmother, sweet sister and brother in law, and my two precious nephews. Wow the heartstrings are tight. I am not sure they were made to stretch so far.

This is a time when God is asking me ‘Do you still trust Me? Even when it hurts, when its hard, and you wonder why? Can you look past the pain, and see the good? Do you realize that I do all things well?’

Why is my faith sometimes so small? I know that He is in control; I’ve clearly seen His hand in the whole thing. But still…

There are definitely things to look forward to; don’t get me wrong. I am excited, yet at the same time it is so bittersweet. But this is life… why would we need faith and trust if we got everything just the way we wanted it?



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