The gravity of the earth pulls objects towards the center of the planet. Gravity is a force of attraction; basically, the earth pulls on you and keeps you planted on the ground.

What goes up, must come down. People have always known this was true. If you jump off a cliff, you will fall, not fly… But even still, it seems like there was a desire in humans to disregard gravity, to rise above it and fly.

When the Wright brothers flew in the first airplane, they defied gravity. And while gravity was still as strong as ever, another law was stronger. aerodynamics.

(You know where I’m going with this..)

Sin has bound the sons of Adam from the day they were born. Anger, lust, lying, stealing, deceit, hatred, rebellion, on and on the list could go. The law was given to Moses, and then they saw even more sinful they were.

How they wished to be free; to be able to obey all the commands of God. And no matter how hard they would try, they would continue to sin. Good intentions and self control wasn’t enough to make them holy, thus sacrifices were made on many occasions. So instead of being able to rise above, they lived in fear and condemnation.

The death of Christ; the birth of a new law. Paul makes it clear in Romans 7:7 that the law is not sinful, it simply shows us how sinful we are. It also makes it obvious that since the law is spiritual, but we are carnal, that we needed something else… what was the missing piece to the puzzle?

The Spirit of life.

When someone is born again, the Holy Spirit is imparted to them as a gift; and through the power of this same spirit that rose Jesus from the grave, we are also able to overcome this law of sin and death. His power enables us to fly much, much higher.

“For there is now therefore no more condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but the Spirit.”

Condemnation is lifted off the back of believers. Through grace, our sacrifice has been made; we are free. Our old nature is crucified, dead. Sin dies with him.

I do not believe that we are going to be perfect – But there will be a continually growing, flying higher, and overcoming power as we mature in Christ.

The law of sin and death pulls us in, closer towards itself. Then we realize there is a stronger law. The law of the spirit of life. When we experience it, it is pure bliss.

We are aerodynamic.



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