Hot, Cold or Lukewarm?

“I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!”

Rev. 3:15 NIV

Lukewarmness is crumbling the foundations of Christianity. Christians are no longer radicals, set apart, sold out.

American ‘Christianity’ is a religion all its own. Follow the rules, or don’t. Write them yourself, no one cares. Christianize anything, everything is ok. What kind of testimony is this to the world that is looking on? When they want something different, they can’t turn to us, because we can only offer them what they have already.

The idea that being a Christian is only abstaining from the ‘bad’ things is totally wrong. There are lots of people who want to live moral lives. But what about people who give up their life – laying it down, dying to their own desires to serve Christ? Where are those kind of people? No, Christianity isn’t simply not doing wrong, but its actively seeking God and a living relationship with Him. Obeying the commands of God, even the ones most people ignore. Are you willing to be called radical? Goody goody? Weird?

Have you ever wondered why the Bible says to be either cold or hot, but not lukewarm? In our minds, we think surely doing some good things and staying away from some bad things would be better than being cold, right? wrong. This is the reason: when someone is cold, they know they are. They (usually) won’t deny that they have sin in their life and that they need revivial. But what about someone who is lukewarm? They have trouble seeing their sin, it doesn’t look so bad to them. They think they are ok because they go to church and read their Bible sometimes. It is much harder to move a lukewarm person than someone who is cold.

The lukewarm state is like a light sleep. Slightly aware of what is going on around them, but to lazy to do much about it. Content to simply do nothing. Feeling safe and secure in their life, not realizing that they actually aren’t.

Lukewarmness is one our biggest blindspots… because  we THINK we are ok!

Pray for an open and honest heart… that God would reveal to you the state of your soul. Be willing to act; if this is you, get serious about your walk with God. Fast and pray like you never have before. Be willing to suffer. Step out in faith and act according to the Word of God. Watch, as God supplies you with the strength you need. You will be amazed at what you are missing out on. The life of faith is not easy, but the peace of God will fill you and you will be more joyful than you ever have been.

Dig in to the Bible. This is where we get a renewing of our mind. We will see where we have gone wrong, and will be able to avoid that drifting state in the future.

Lay your life down. (this is where the rubber hits the road.) No more easy life… Be willing to give without being given back to, love without being loved back. This is the Christian life. We find our love and strength in God, enabling us to live this way. We will walk through the fire, experience pain, heartbreak, stretching, discomfort. It is all worth it, though. If you have been here, and felt the power of God lifting you up above it all and giving you peace in the storm, you know what I mean. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is the state of your soul?


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