100 Things I’m Thankful For


In light of thanksgiving tomorrow, I am going to share 100 things that I am thankful for.

  1. God and His Word
  2. The amazing, saving grace of Godbible-1031288_1920
  3. My wonderful parents who have loved me and guided me through the hardest times in my life.
  4. Brothers. They know how to make life interesting !
  5. My precious little sister that hogs all my covers at night
  6. My older sister and brother in law and my dear little nephews
  7. Two lovely grandmothers
  8. All of my friends
  9. A warm House
  10. Abundant food (turkey dinner, anyone? )
  11. Books… all the different kinds of books! inspiring, educational, stories..
  12. Flowers
  13. Diversity in personalities; How boring would life be if we were all the same?
  14. A free country
  15. Traveling img_0174
  16. A healthy body
  17. A solid, stable church family
  18. Laughing till my belly hurts
  19. Animals! they are so cute ūüėČ
  20. A nice car
  21. Chocolate
  22. Coffee
  23. Hazelnut Creamer
  24. Gluten free delicacies (sorry, now I’m on ¬†a comfort food roll)
  25. Macaroni and Cheese
  26. Big, warm bear hugs
  27. Converse shoes (they are the most comfortable, versatile shoes out there, folks)  converse-1538051_1920.jpg
  28. Air conditioning and Heat
  29. Music.
  30. Photography. It captures the moments you want to keep forever!
  31. My iPhone (is this getting weird? But seriously, it is a handy gadget!)
  32. Cute purses
  33. Sunshine and suntans . They make everything look brighter (pun intended).
  34. My first mission trip; it gave me a much larger world view IMG_0020.PNG
  35. Nice people (have you ever met random strangers that just brightened your day? )
  36. My ‘comfy’ clothes
  37. The library books-1245744_1920.jpg
  38. Coffee shops starbucks-922862_1920
  39. Emojis . They can express what i cant say ūüėČ
  40. Meaningful letters and cards
  41. Vacations – tons of memories!
  42. Sunsets
  43. Lazy days
  44. Love; loving people and being loved
  45. Creativity . Nothing challenges my mind like seeing someone else use theirs
  46. Good hair days. So few and far between.
  47. The older and wise (an  adultier adult.)
  48. Overcoming my fears
  49. Long, peaceful Drives Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  50. Dreams (some of them are pretty funny/weird/ridiculous)
  51. Forgiveness. whether asking or giving it, it brings such a healing
  52. Google (it ‘knows’ everything)
  53. *MY* pillow . It has to go everywhere with me cuz I just can’t sleep without it
  54. Making someone smile
  55. Pain. It causes me to seek comfort from the Lord, and also makes the good days better.
  56. Google Maps ( I can finally see what my house looks like from the sky)
  57. My past ; it has made me into the person I am today
  58. Watercolor painting
  59. Amazon (you can find almost anything you could ever want)
  60. Memes
  61. Pinterest
  62. I know I have already mentioned coffee, and coffee shops, but can I have a number specifically for White Chocolate Mocha?
  63. Babies
  64. Pretty Decor
  65. Drawing/sketching/doodling (whatever it is. maybe it is scribbling) IMG_0770.JPG
  66. Bubble baths
  67. GPS – because without it, I would have to stay home
  68. Polynesian sauce from Chick-fil-a
  69. Mexican food and white queso
  70. The color pink
  71. Playing the piano
  72. Funny things (video clips, people, pets..)
  73. Cotton candy
  74. T-shirts
  75. Basketball (I am not athletic, but playing p-i-g is kinda fun!)
  76. My Canon Rebel camera
  77. A soft rain at night
  78. Swimming in a clear lake
  79. Waking up to singing birds
  80. Doctors
  81. Bacon – thin and crispy
  82. Springtime
  83. All of the opportunities I have had (travel, education, etc) img_2646
  84. Journals (and just for the record, I have kept them since I was fourteen; so yea, alot of light reading there)
  85. Meeting new people that you ‘click’ with
  86. A clean house – you know, freshly mopped floor, the sound of a dishwasher, clean sheets. that sort of thing.
  87. Chamomile tea and honey img_2812
  88. Quiet time
  89. Free wifi
  90. Comfy earbuds
  91. Lip balm
  92. Thrift stores and good sales
  93. Fine tipped sharpies
  94. Chocolate ice cream
  95. Hope
  96. Bridges (the picturesque kind)
  97. Candles
  98. Warm socks
  99. My favorite pen (Zebra medium)
  100. And lastly, I just want to emphasize how thankful I am to God for His loving kindness and His mercy that saves us from whatever situation we are in. He is good.

Happy thanksgiving, and remember – be thankful even for the ‘little things’ ūüôā


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