Thankful or Not?

Well, folks, it is that time of the year again…

Pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin bread. It’s fall, y’all!
And of course, thanksgiving is just in a couple days! And while everyone is busy rehearsing what they are thankful for (which of course isn’t a bad idea) I am going to ask you what you aren’t thankful for. That’s right, what you aren’t thankful for. Because I know it’s there. Something that causes you to question God’s goodness, and if he really cares. Something you are hiding, something causing you deep pain…

I hope by the end of this article, you will be able to be thankful even for those things you didn’t think you could be thankful for.
Pain. All humans that have ever walked the face of the earth know the meaning of this word. It is something we simply cannot escape and the only thing we can do is learn to deal with it. Thankfully as Christians, we are able to enlist the power of prayer ask for God’s strength to deal with what might break us otherwise.
What are you not thankful for? A broken heart? A ruined reputation? Family trouble?  Emotional difficulties? Physical ailments? Being wronged? Or –  dare I say it – single hood?
Honestly , I have dealt with all of the above. And yes- even the single thing 😉

The one thing I have learned from pain is that we truly are stronger in the places we are broken. While I would have never asked God to have a guy break my heart, it happened. Do you think God forgot about me during that time? Of course not! Do you think that I thought He did? Absolutely. There were times I was so convinced He didn’t care about me one bit. But now that I am on the other side of that valley, I can see all of the good that came out of a painful situation… I would not have it any other way now. I learned complete reliance on Him, utter surrender and brokenness, and trust in the Almighty God who has my life planned out in a way so that He gets the most glory.
Emotional difficulties… Most girls deal with this in one form or another. Personality crises, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and sadly, many more could be named. These things can creep in and take over lives, voiding lives of all joy and fulfillment. What glory does God get in that? Really, none. And I do not believe it is His will for us to wallow in depression or ruin our bodies with eating disorders. Yet, it continues to happen, attacking Christian and non Christian girls alike. The pain we experience from these can be beyond expression; the healing often taking months or years. But I believe as we walk away from these sins (yes, they are sins) , we begin to find the power of Christ stronger than we believed it could be. As we renew our minds in the Word, He gets the credit for our healing, and will lead us to help other girls who are trapped into believing the same lies we once were.
And you know that this post could be endless… But I hope I am getting my point across. Even the things that hurt us most will be used for our good eventually. It may not feel like it, it may not even look like it right now. But in faith, realize that when this hard thing is over, you will be able to see where God’s hand was at work, making you into a more useful vessel for His glory. A soft piece of clay in the hands of the Potter, allowing Him to mold you and shape you into who He wants you to be.
Can you be thankful this Thanksgiving even – for your pain?


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