My First Blog Post

Well, what does one write in their first blog post?

Should I outline what I hope to see come out of this blog? Or what I plan on writing about? or maybe I should ask you what you are wanting to read?

Of course the reason for the blog is to encourage girls to seek God.

I want to see other young girls pursue God, which is not an easy task to undertake in society as we know it. The pressure we face is strong; pressure to change, conform, and set aside our convictions.  And sadly, many have been overcome. I want to rescue the wounded and prevent more causalities.

And along with pursing God, I want to put a fire in  your soul; a fire that will not die. One that turns your  spark into a flame and exchanges your lukewarmness for boiling heat. A desire that pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to other hurting, lost souls…

I really don’t know what I will write about. I am sure it will vary and I hope to include a wide variety of subjects….

Leave me a comment or contact me through the contact page if you have any thoughts or opinions!


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